The Beard Club

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The Beard Club

The beard Club is a custom eCommerce Laravel-based shop, which focuses on selling beard products to customers in US and Canada on a subscription based. It is a revolution in this genre creating millions of profit.

Some Key Features :
  • Buy Beard product on subscription based (login and registration process included in b/w )
  • Manage various beard product and kits from admin , sync sku with shipwire.
  • Managing your subscription .
  • Using Recurly API for invoice and subscription management
  • Using Shipwire API for shipping solution.
  • Admin Interface to directly create/alter an order.
  • Create refund from admin system itself.
  • Various stats based on sales and users enrolled.
  • Various analytics and gtm .
Technology Used:
  • Server Side Language: PHP , Laravel Framework b/w )
  • Client Side : JQuery , Bootstrap , Html5 and CSS3 ,Gulp
  • Server Hosted : Heroku.
  • Site Url :

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