LUNE Valet

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LUNE valet

LUNE valet is a SAAS application for a valet solutions , which lets enroll various valet companies and let users search for them based on their location and ease process of valet .

Some Key Features :
  • Superadmin can enroll different valet companies.
  • Valet company manager can manage their valet attendant and create account for app login .
  • Show various reports for superadmin and valet companies .
  • Login and registration for android and ios users .
  • let user add their cars .
  • User can ask valet attendant to park their vehicle .
  • Communicate with attendant while car is at parking.
  • Ask for car retrieval.
  • Verification process while handing car over to customers.
  • Various text and push notification based on user actions.
Technology Used:
  • Server Side Language: PHP , Laravel Framework
  • Client Side : JQuery , Bootstrap , Html5 and CSS3
  • APP technology : IONIC for android and IOS .
  • Server Hosted :LAMP.
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