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KitCheck is a custom laravel based system for maintaining and keeping your First Aid kits fully stocked. It have a custom shop for buying Defibrillators and maintaining same for our elite customers.

Some Key Features :
  • Login and registration for system. b/w )
  • Add new kit and buy same from us .
  • Managing kits.
  • Various reminders sent out for expiration of kits and Defibrillators to customers.
  • Referral System for Resellers .
  • Commission system for Resellers based on sales made by users referred by Resellers.
  • Admin system to manage users , orders .
  • Custom Support system for users and Admin .
  • Custom Log system , which captures for internal bug in system (Directly send email to developer and admin ).
  • Stripe Payment system for buying Defibrillator and kits .
Technology Used:
  • Server Side Language: PHP , Laravel Framework
  • Client Side : JQuery , Bootstrap , Html5 and CSS3
  • Server Hosted : DigitalOcean Cloud Instance.
  • Site Url :
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