Inventory Management Platform

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Inventory Management Platform

Inventory management system is a custom SAAS system focussed on solving inventory problems for hotel vendors. It is a smart inventory system , where multiple service seekers can be enrolled and they can take advantage of same.

Some Key Features :
  • Superadmin can enroll different Service Seekers (lets says clients) .
  • Clients can add their various locations where they are operating.
  • They can assign different inventory managers per location and can categorise locations based on different category.
  • Centralised inventory for all , so can be easy for them to select and add new inventory.
  • Manage inventory per location .
  • Assign inventory items to different departments and can return back items to base .
  • Reminders system where IM and admins get notification whenever item reach reorder count (reorder threshold we set during admin add inventory )
  • IM and location admin can restock inventory anytime .
  • Reports for different inventory transaction per locations .
  • Android app for inventory transactions and adding new items from same .
Our Role :

Built admin and mobile app from scratch . Included above listed feature in web and app .

Current Development :

Maintaining and adding new features to the app .

Technology Used:
  • Server Side Language: PHP , Laravel Framework
  • Client Side : JQuery , Bootstrap , Html5 and CSS3
  • APP technology : IONIC for android .
  • Server Hosted :LAMP.
  • Site Url :
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