Car part locator

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Car part locator

Car part locator is a car part search engine where users can search for car parts and we list vendors providing those parts near by their area sorted by their prices and ratings

Some Key Features :
  • Login and registration for users.
  • Registration for seller , they can register their business .
  • Sellers will have their own admin portal where can add car parts for different car models and prices for same .
  • Superadmin will enroll agents , agents will be used as a promoter for enrolling sellers .
  • User can search for car parts for different categories from mobile and web app.
  • Mobile app let them search parts and give ratings and reviews for vendors .
  • Various stats for sellers based on searches .
  • Advertisement section for sellers , where they can advertise themselves and same will be shown on android app.
Technology Used:
  • Server Side Language: PHP , Laravel Framework
  • Client Side : JQuery , Bootstrap , Html5 and CSS3
  • APP technology : IONIC for android .
  • Server Hosted :LAMP.
  • Site Url :
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